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First, we discussed how to use a multimeter for measuring voltage, or simply verifying that voltage is present. Last week, we addressed measuring resistance—verifying that a wire is continuous and not broken somewhere. Today we’re discussing how to use a meter to measure current, also referred to as amperage.

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Nice article, thanks for your expertise. I referenced your work because I have a C5 corvette that’s sucking my battery down or at least I’m trying to figure out if it’s the battery or a parasitic drain in the car. 2 minor corrections to consider, ma = milliamps, µa = microamps. And the hand drawn figure shows the black lead going from the battery (-) terminal to the ma connection on the meter, I think it needs to be connected to the common input on the meter.

I connected the meter as indicated and it reads a flat 0.00. So I’m scratching my head. This 1999 car should be drawing something, even if it’s just enough to turn on the engine bay lamp. Hmmm…