Hummer H1: Ridiculousness in the hands of a few

The H3 Alpha is a three time Baja 1000 champ! Enough said for other off-road wannabes.

I stand corrected regarding the H3. After the introduction of the H2 and seeing what it was and for what market it was intended, I lost interest in all things Hummer. So when the H3 was introduced, I ignored it completely and didn’t even bother to read a spec sheet or anything else about it. Where was Wikipedia in those days?

My taste and uses for trucks has changed over the years as well; from off road capable as a recreational vehicle for camping, hunting and fishing in the hinterlands, to tow vehicles for large luxury 5W trailers, to my current Cowboy Continental 2018 F150 Platinum. It’s nominally a truck because it still has a cargo bed.