Hurricane Season

Evacuation Plan Checklist Make a list of all necessary phone numbers. Note how you’ll move your cars: drive, trailer or hire a transport company. Choose a backup person to drive your car to the safe area if you’re not able. Keep the address of the safe location and directions on hand. Outline an alternate route in case a disaster blocks your original route. Note how long it will take to move all vehicles to your safe spot. Make sure your car is operational and has enough gas to get to your safe spot. The Flooded Vehicle Contact your insurance company immediately. Take notes and photos of any damage. Do not attempt to start your vehicle; it could ruin the motor. Remove broken glass to prevent cutting upholstery, carpet or people Have your vehicle towed to your repair facility. Ask the repair facility to start the drying process ASAP, removing carpet, seats and trunk carpet. Drain and replace all fluids.

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