Hybrid Corvette spotted leaving Milford Proving Grounds

Say hello to your first glimpse of a hybrid Corvette: A camouflaged, snow-dusted C8 sporting an electric charging harness was spotted leaving Milford Proving Grounds earlier today. Apart from the orange apparatus jutting from the frunk, this looks exactly like C8s we’ve seen roaming the streets.

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figures GM would ruin the vette with that electric nonsense

False alarm for now. However, you can bet there will eventually be a hybrid offered, perhaps in the C8.
My crystal ball sees a PHEV C9 w/ turbo V6 and AWD.
Progress is perpetual.

Just to feed the conspiracy theory…Looking at the close-up, the 2 leads going into the “charging plug” are insanely big for keeping the 12v battery topped-off. It looks like they are easily twice the size of the hot and ground leads that typically connect to the battery to feed the starter. Maybe it’s a re-purposed hybrid charging plug/harness they “had lying around”?

“Progress” is in the eye of the beholder.

WHY? Electric cars are the 2nd biggest scam perpetrated, just under global warming, because the millennials don’t know where electricity comes from. If it did catch on, it would bring down our electrical infrastructure. We have enough fossil fuel and the know how to make it environmentally friendly, to last for a century.

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My source says that the final version of an electric car will have a motor at each wheel (minimizes transmission structure - lighter) thus computer controlled 4 wheel drive and an one cylinder IC motor that ONLY generates electricity to the batteries as they get low; the batteries (range of 300 miles without recharge) are located as low as possible along the length of the chassis; the IC generator will be located just aft of the front axle with a fuel tank nearby. Thus, the range is determined by refilling the generator fuel tank projected to be once every 500+ miles.

That’s absolutely the best and most concise essay on the current (hopefully temporary) mis-guided electric car craze. Thanks.

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My 2000 C5 6 speed with 56K miles is equipped with 2 AA batteries I put in the console. Doesn’t that make it a hybrid…?

Producing epower at a generating plant is more efficient then burning gas in an ICE. If that wasn’t the case there would be no power utilities instead we’d all be running gas/diesel generators at home. Global warming is real just like the atoms and viruses.

@turquoisetom - Oh yeah, all the millennials that are at the executive level of the car companies deciding the direction the company should take. Certainly not any other generation (Not a millennial to be found in the C-suite at Ford, Chevrolet, and FCA)

Don’t blame a generation for this issue, but if you must, blame the one with that is leading those companies and the baby boomers who purchase 62% of new cars (though that is in shift).

Trickle chargers are an almost mandatory requirement with these cars. The power consumption is insane. I have one on my Lotus and Maserati as only a week of sitting would require charging with out one. So that was the first thing that came to my mind. And that it appears to be cold :frowning: So maybe an engine heater… :slight_smile:

If it is more efficient, why does it cost more to heat my house with electric??? Electricity is needed to power things that is not practical to be powered by ICE or to power electronic devices.

If you do the loss calculations for creating electricity, delivering it to your home, battery charging, battery discharging, power loss between battery and electric motor an EV is not more efficient than an ICE vehicle!! Not to mention that making and disposing of batteries is extremely environmentally unfriendly.

ICE vehicles will eventually be replaced, but not with battery powered vehicles as we know them today.

Global warming is absolutely a real thing. There was also global warming during the dinosaur age. Were they driving too many ICE vehicles? NO, it is a natural occurrence. The earth is coming out of an ice age and there is nothing you can do about it. It can be slowed by using less energy, but we know that will never happen as humans will not give up modern living.

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I can’t understand all the excitement about a)electricity and b)Corvettes. But I’ve never been an enthusiast of the car and the new ones as far as design is concerned are crude. The cars you see today won’t be the cars you’ll see in 2050 when electric cars will be mature. On Global Warming: If any of you can convince big money or corporations that it’s profitable to clean up the Planet, it will clean up in 6 months. Everybody operates in their own self interest.

I wasn’t a big fan of electric cars until I rode in one. Still not a big fan of all electric, but I do like the idea of electric propulsion with a backup generator of any fuel, diesel, gasoline, CNG, hydrogen or whatever, that can be pumped in quickly and get you on your way. I don’t buy into the myth of man causing global warming. Global warming is a cycle that happens naturally. So, of my 11 cars, I have mostly all ICE engine cars, from 4cyl to 12cyl. I did buy a Volt for a daily driver. It is surprisingly fun to drive. Off the line torque is a blast! Believe me, today’s electric cars are not golf carts. All the haters of electric propulsion or even electric assist, needs to experience one of the high performance ones. It may actually change your mind. If that’s possible.


Good thing they camouflaged it so no one could tell its a C8!!! Duh!!!

Much ado about nothing.

We are on our 2nd Chevy Volt 2016 (first was 2013). We love the Drive & Ride they provide us with "Smooth and Quiet Comfort. Cost us $20.00 a month for Charging (Wife drives 960 miles a month, 5 days a week). And only has to fill the Gas Tank (9.2 gallons) 1 time per month.
GM should have their butt kick for discontinuing making the Chevy Volt.


I once owned a Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. It got 29 mpg. The non hybrid Malibu got 28 mpg. There is no chance that Chevrolet will improve the Corvette with hybrid technology. LOL!