I appreciate Japanese collector cars, just not necessarily what’s appreciating

I loved the 87-90 Pulsar NX. With the SportBak it was a beautiful design.

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Two words. Nissan Figaro. I love mine. The only car I’ve known that baffles seasoned motorheads (“what IS that??) and guaranteed to make them smile. Every time.


My father spent WWII on the destroyer escort Gridley, chasing after the people who bombed Pearl Harbor. Now we’re paying a million dollars for one of their used cars. What will we be collecting 50 years from now? I honestly can’t figure out if Americans are the most forgiving people in the world or just in love with the dollar.

I cant say I have ever seen a Japanese car that has interested me. They are so small and awkward looking. I have owned a miata and a Toyota and confirmed that the gutless motors will run a long time but the fragile little bodies are good for about 75k on the odometer. I’ll stick with American stuff.

Pssst…first of all Archie, the Japanese haven’t named any car after Pearl Harbor. But the rest could happen if in 70+ years Al-Qaeda ends up being in charge of a major industrial nation that’s one of the most dependable free democratic and capitalist allies of the United States.
Funny…looking at your previous posts that dim thought never came up on comments about German or Italian cars.

I have edited the post to make my meaning clearer. If my father had spend the war in Europe I might have felt that way about Germany.

Theres an interesting report on the Toyota 2000 GT (https://youtu.be/U191F5jVd0M) that highlights the car as a breakthrough supercar, for the Japanese. It presaged Japan’s subsequent forays into luxury and high performance automobiles. Definitely, it was a template for the Datsun 240Z but it also was a watershed design for the little known Japanese auto industry at the time. Fun to drive and historically important!

I have never liked any Japanese car, with the exception of the Datsun 240Z/260Z/and 280Z through 1978. They were very different from any other Japanese cars I’m sure they were not Japanese designed. The Japanese totally destroyed the 280ZX in 1979. I am an American car guy, bit there are a few European cars I like. None new enough to have computers.

Nope. And not sure WHY you would be so sure. IIRC the chief designer was a guy they called “Mr. K”. Short for Katayama.
But I agree the 280ZX became more of a GT than a Sportscar. I don’t think the styling aged as well either. I’m with you in liking the 1st Gen. cars way more.

Collector cars are what we were fascinated by when were young. So starting in the 60’s Japan started making desirable cars. My generation will be hungry for good condition cars like the Supra, Nsx, Gtr, performance Integras, Evo, S2000, Mr2, Rsx, SVX, WRX. Maybe not the SVX. Buy your dream car now before, like Jay said, prices are out of reach. Unless you are a retired Talk Show Host who now has people bring awesome cars to him to drive every day! The next question is how far will Classic car prices fall with baby boomers and Greatest Generation disappearing?

I love the Jap vehicles, I own
2005 Mazda RX8
1972 Datsun 240Z 350 conversion
1982 Toyota land cruiser diesel right hand steer
1987 Mitsubishi Jeep J53 turbo diesel right hand steer CJ3B body
1975 Mitsubishi Jeep J54 Diesel right hand steer CJ3B body

What I might want next - maybe a Nissan Patrol?
I am not sure what their values are doing as I bought them all several years ago.and I love them no matter what.
The Mazda, Land cruiser and 87 Mitsubishi are in original MINT condition always garaged

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That may be, but I guess I share their tastes in cars more than my contemporaries. Unfortunately, as a gen xer I may never be able to afford what those guys will and perhaps should get for their rides when they decide it is time to let them go, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t think they are cool.