I bought a film-famous Murcielago for $80k. And then things got weird.

Supercar ownership ain’t what it used to be. Pop open any social media app and you'll be thrust into a sea of barely-post-pubescent man-children braying about how getting their sparkly one-off Ferrari three weeks out of high school was a result of 49 percent “rising”, 49 percent “grinding”, and... two percent having a semi-absent dad who served as lead counsel for ExxonMobil. The doe-eyed, car-curious youth out there will be forgiven for thinking that not only are luxury, sports and exotic cars incredibly easy to attain, and the hardest thing about living with them is picking the color of the next one.

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“I bought a film-famous Murcielago for $80K, and then things got weird”
Car journalism, “regular” journalism, or no journalism… that’s a damn stellar headline.
…and the “subtle” reference to other YouTubers like VV isn’t lost on a lot of us, and well-warranted.
Tavarish, you da man!

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First time I’ve heard of buying a car for 80k on a budget.

One can never have too many socks.

Don’t keep us in suspense. Next episode PLEASE !!!

I had tears in my eyes laughing about the tire blowing up! What a great story. I can’t imagine having the funds to dive into a project like this but if a person can I guess you go for it! I’m looking forward to the follow ups.

Alright I’m hooked!!! You have got to let me know when the next part is out.
I got sucked into an 84 Vette for 500.00
Wanna trade? LMaO

Aaaagh! I’ve been looking for one of these! Driven but recoverable, preferably manual. I’m totally going to follow this escapade!

His current car fleet is hilarious. I wonder how much he paid for burnt up super cars that spent their lifetime in Russia.

I don’t know who at Hagerty is keeping this posted with each daily blog but it’s beating a dead horse. Let it go!

WTF? Sh.t or get off the pot. Post the next installment or pull the plug on this story.