I thought I didn’t like Jeeps. Then I drove one with no doors and a stick


For years, I’ve heard people excitedly discussing their Jeep adventures—doorless drives in the countryside and other forms of off-road shenanigans—but I never really got it. As it turns out, all it took to show me the light was a friend handing me the keys to her Jurassic Park-era Jeep Wrangler for an eight-minute drive.

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Here is 1990 jeep from Chrysler. The one you drove is much later model. Actualy this car is insured by Hagerty as well.



That was a nice opportunity, but if you ever have the chance to drive a STOCK 1941-1953 MB, GPW or Cj - windshield down, top down, no doors, thats the real deal (not to take anything away from the TJ). It doesn’t get any more convertible than that (keep your mouth closed-bugs). It’l be I tight fit for you being tall and BTW the brakes are terrible.