Importing a collector car from the U.S. into Canada


You may have heard otherwise, but in most situations, importing collector vehicles from the United States into Canada isn’t difficult.

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I brought an 1977 RV into Canada a few years back and ‘missed’ going to the US customs side and came directly into Canada. With no ‘Approved’ stamp on the title, I still managed to get the RV brought into Canada after paying GST and having it registered. Wondering if I will have any problems at the border if I decide to go touring in the USA!


I have brought in 2 cars from US to Canada. I spoke to the US vehicle import office gentleman when I brought over my last car in Dec 2012. (Canadian dollar hasn’t been strong the last few years so no incentive lately in import more) Back then he said that if you didn’t do the 72 hour before requirements & visit their office before taking the car to Canada, when you next travelled back to the US to visit, they can quickly tell with their computers that your vehicle is not compliant and they would fine you $500. Then he added that the fine was going to be increasing to $5,000 in the future. So maybe it has gone to the higher amount by now? Anyways, they didn’t charge a fee to do it properly, so well worth following their rules!


There’s more to it now.In order to export the vehicle,the US brought out regulations that require you to obtain an ITN number from the US census bureau which can only be done through a customs broker,usually at a cost exceeding $100 depending on the broker.Once you have the ITN number.you can forward that,along with the items listed in the article,to US customs for approval then start the 72 hour waiting period.


My dad has imported his most priced possession the Nissan GT-R to Canada recently. As we were relocating to Canada, we didn’t go for importing it by ourselves, but transported the car through a car shipping California company. We didn’t take too much stress on this matter as we handed over the car to the staff and they managed to ship the car safely. Costing and taxes were properly informed to us, no issue in paperwork and our car was insured while importing as well as the registration process over here was also carried out easily. That was a painless task, though.