IMPRESSIVE: 2020 Detroit Autorama Ridler winner’s name says it all

No they can take it to Barrett Jackson next year and get about $225,000 -10%

While this era car is not my fancy, a person has to do something with their time and money. They should be proud of the outcome. But I also believe that a car is meant to be driven. If I had those resources, I’d figure out a way to make such a car easily maintained (as in cleaning road grime from underside) so it can be enjoyed AND showcased to the general public.

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I agree with Farna.
The total amount of the car at $2.5 includes, I assume everything. All parts and all labor. Think about it for a second. 3 guys working for 10 years…granted on and off but for 10 years.
What is the most expensive part of having any work done on your car…it’s not the parts, it’s the labor.
What do you make per year? times that by 3 (guys) and that by 10 (years). What’s your number now? Pretty big.
Even if they pay themselves a conservative shop rate of $40.00/hr./ea. at 20 hours a week over 10 years it would be $1,248,000 in just labor
That is where the money estimation comes from.


What stunned me was they bought a 1000 lb. piece of aluminum stock and cut it up to make 69 individual parts, transforming at least 900 lbs. of it to chips. This was an obscenely expensive way to make a grille. Could that have been the mindset for the entire build?

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An awesome car, but I really don’t care for the engine treatment. Looks fake.

My favorite to win the Ridler award this year was the Model A woodie pickup.

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How far we have come! Growing up in Downriver Detroit, I recall Ron Barnums 1983 “Renassance Delivery” being masaged into a Ridler award winner. All in a year. I build cars that I can drive, with little outside help. They look nice. Todays Ridlers are way beyond my talent or money level. I sure do enjoy looking at these works of art though! Beautiful choice!

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$2.5?? You just can not fix stupid. Personally, I would not give the $39000 that Hagerty valued it at.

Only on Hagerty.com would they consider spending $2.3Million to win $10K a good thing.

The list of cars I’d rather have for $2.3Million goes about 10 deep. This thing would be about 999,999th on that list.

There’s some funny accounting going on here. Someone needs a tax write off.

that grill looks like something off a Russian ZIL?

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The best I can say is: at least it’s not the 4 door station wagon.

Yes. Once again the photos left me wanting, just like last year’s. Those of us who weren’t there would like to see the big picture. Two shots from under the front but nothing from under the rear or the side.

Beautiful…With art the mind is a terrible thing to use too much of…Just enjoy it and move on. :upside_down_face:

I couldn’t agree more. All the Arty photos of of the spectacular details of this car…just no images of it ?

Wow folks… really stunned at the quality of comments here.

Like the car or not, agree or disagree with the judges… this took 3 guys a decade to create. Maybe it’s art, maybe it’s craftsmanship, maybe it’s a little of both. Regardless, it’s recognition for a craft that should be preserved and honored.

That’s all, thanks.

Sorry, when I saw it in my email picture (before looking at all the rest of the photos) I thought it was a customized Falcon. But it was just a quick look at my email. Yes, A lot of work, and art. And like all works of art, the beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder. Jason Pollock artwork is still awful, even if someone will pay millions or even hundreds of millions for one.

As the beholder…yep, I concur…gorgeous!

For those criticizing the owners for the hours spent on an old car really have no clue what the over-the-top customizing world is for. Would you spend that amount of money and time on this car. Probably not, and neither would I. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent too much time & money on a project. Personally, I have no use of a car or motorcycle I can’t drive daily. But after being involved in the show car (& motorcycle) world for a time in my youth, I spent a lot of time working on and admiring these vehicles. I’ve learned that we use pieces of the customization from yesterday and turn them into common mods today. Innovation is where it’s at. I don’t know the particulars of this car, but I imagine there’s some unique mods that are brought to light. While I don’t care for cookie cutter customs that are just bright for bright’s sake with just a fancy paint job, I look at vehicles with details that may be new to me that I can incorporate into my project.

Was the blue 55 chevy the real winner? Bickering judges having a hard time agreeing more and more?

Car hobbies and car racing are not about $$$. It’s a labor of love, I’d guess most posters haven’t been there because of the cost. If you can afford $2.5M to spend on things you love, more power to you. Enjoy.