In 1910, every road trip was an adventure, but the Abernathy boys became a legend

In an era when many parents are uncomfortable at the thought of their children walking to their elementary school just two blocks away, it might shock you that in 1910, John “Jack” Abernathy let his two boys, Louis, known as Bud, age 9, and Temple, age 6, drive a Brush Runabout automobile from New York City to their hometown of Frederick, Oklahoma.

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Okay Costner, Speilberg, Oprah, etc…I’m ready to watch this on the big screen and eat popcorn. A great little story. I’d have them doing it by themselves in the movie and having adventures all the way back to OK. Have never heard of this story before but glad you shared. Thanks Hagerty. M Brouillette, North Carolina

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Fantastic story, like mbroullette, I would like to see a movie…

Cool story. My mom used to drop us off at the town dump when it was closed so we could scrounge parts for bicycles. Now you can’t leave kids at the bus stop.

Thanks for the great story :+1:.

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I can’t wait to share this with my 16 year old daughter. And yes, can someone please make a new movie about this please???

I live 30 miles from Frederick, Oklahoma and had never heard this story!

What a great all-American story. It would be interesting to hear what happened to these kids later in life.

Wonderful story! I love tales of epic journeys like this. And that it was accomplished by such young boys only makes it more fun, and compelling.

I’m 72 and when I was 11 my parents put me on a Gray hound bus in Long Island NY. The ticket was for St Louis Mo.to spend the summer with the Dads relatives on a farm. When the drivers changed they just told the relief, the kid is going to St Louis. But that was when you could ride the subway with your .22 rifle going to a match.
Times change, for the worst I’m afraid.

Why has no one made a movie about this amazing adventure. Just tell the true story, that’s all.

For a number of years I read “The Abernathy Boys” to my 6th grade classes. They were amazed by what the boys accomplished. Hopefully some of that incentive rubbed off on a few of them! What a grand adventure it was!

In 1958 I was 10 and my mother put me on a train from St. Paul, MN to Flagstaff AZ. She thought it was easy as it was the same train all the way, no changing trains. What she didn’t realize was that there was an eight hour lay over in Kansas City. I left the train station and wandered the city for several hours and came back to catch the train the rest of the way.
Now days she would be put in jail. I even taught three collage girls to play 500. It was a blast.

The best part of life is getting a few good stories out of it. That was definitely one of them.