In the land of the dinosaurs, the behemoth two-stroke Detroit Diesel is king

How about a Napier Deltic diesel engine. Three crankshafts, three roots blowers, three sets of opposed pistons set in a triangle. Saw them on US Navy Swift Boats during the Vietnam conflict. There is a nice animated video of that arrangement on YouTube.

The Detroit’s used individual push rod operated injectors for each cylinder. A fuel gallery ran through the head to supply the injectors.

Fun article and the comments are even better!
Something akin to Sheldon discussing with his train buddy if the dinner train their on an original link-and-pin coupler or the Miller Hook and Platform…

I worked at an airport as a Firefighter on the crash rigs (sorry that’s what they were called) had Detroit Diesels in them. Those engines were so loud and put out so much smoke I can’t smell or hardly hear today! Mike

Not a diesel guy that said a fella in the town i lived back in the early years had a tandem dump with a Detroit in it that truck even at idle sounded menacing to this day i remember that sound and he was quite the master at shifting that rig and would roll out and punch it early every morning wide open thru the gears it was my alarm clock. LOL.R

Amazing bunch of engines, these early Detroits. And the sound, especially with only small amounts of exhaust muffling. There are a few things out there that will make me cut the radio and roll down the window, regardless of the outside temperature. They include an old Ford Louisville with a Detroit Diesel, anything with a big Caterpillar, and anything Maserati. Add to that any of the manual transmission G35/G37 from Infiniti. Wonderful music.

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I worked on a quad [ 4] 6 71 in a tug boat 2 side by side and 2 more back ti back on a common gear box 2 right hand rotation and 2 left hand rotation with a big drive shaft running between the engines if you got one running you could engage clutch leavers to get the other ones going

Great article! Growing up my dad had 1970s Wabco 660B road graders powered by 6v71 Detroit’s, when plowing snow you could hear them a mile away. Someone mentioned installing bigger injectors. The grader my dad plowed snow with had oversized injectors and the Wabco guy turned the fuel pump pressure up and it made a big power difference. In the second high range with the split transmissions the thing would obliterate large snow drifts and wouldn’t miss a beat. In comparison the newer graders couldn’t even keep up. Sounded like something out of mad Max though lol. I can’t wait to share this article with my dad he will get a kick out of it.

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