IndyCar at Road America shot in Super 8 is charmingly incomplete

Assuming you choose to tune in, modern film techniques will rarely give you cause for FOMO. In fact, you’ll catch more motorsport drama on your couch in the A/C than you will peering through concrete barriers trackside, sweating in the summer sun.

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What a charming little film!

Reminds me of “Speedway International” and all those crummy movies we had to watch in high-school classes.

The wobbly audio and narrator are right out of films made in the 1950’s…

  • Jim

What most people like is to be transported back in time. Not a modern race shot with a 51 year old camera.

On the contrary this film looks fabulous. I still shoot 8mm on occasion as you can’t beat the look of film with the iPhone or my Nikon, both of which I also use. Bravo

I want one of those retro 8mm cameras! :grin:

Somebody spent some time and money on this 8mm filming presentation. What really cracks me up is the pseudo intense narrative that is dubbed in. Brings you back to the late 40’s through the 50’s narration in those old racing films. The shaky filming, the washed out color, all very nostalgic.

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