Inheriting a Classic


As car enthusiasts, most of us dream that one day some long lost great uncle will leave us a wonderful old car – say, an even-numbered Ferrari race car or a totally original D-type. The reality is that a car nut is more likely to inherit a junker from Uncle Bert, who remembers their affection for old oddities. Further, inheriting a car is not as easy as one might imagine. If the bequeathed vehicle is of the less interesting variety, the process involved may leave the “lucky” collector wondering why he or she bothered.

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I have been lucky over the years. Inherited 2 Mustangs from my grandparents, a Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am and Jeep Grand Wagoner from my Mother, and a Ford Conversion Van from my Dad.
Still have one Mustang, the Jeep and Van. Guess I will let my son dispose of them when I am gone.