Insruance policy for a rare vehicle being restored?

So I have a car that’s pretty rare.
Drove her all through college and she’s my baby, but after starting a full restoration, life got in the way and she’s been sitting in the back of my shop in pieces for the last 20 years.
In this time, I’ve recieved several 6 figure offers as she sits, but I’ll never sell as I plan on being buried in her.
That being said, I want to send her out to another shop that’s better suited to handle her restoration.
Thing is, I’ve heard far too many horror stories about vehicles either being stolen, stripped down or worse, having said shop close their doors in the process of being restored, leaving the customer high and dry.
I’d like to take out a policy for the collector value (for what I’ve been offered at the very least), but it appears that I’ll be limited to a much lower amount on a vehicle that’s not complete.
Is there a policy available that will actually cover the collector value as is?

@rickantonio - Hagerty does offer a range of products and in that range has one that sounds like it might fit your situation with this car. It would be best to give us a call and talk specifics with one of our agents who can tailor a quote to the exact coverage you need, and nothing you don’t. The best phone number is 800-922-4050.

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