Insurance ID Cards

When generating and printing ID cards the front and back are on two pages, but when you print two sided, they end up on opposite sides of the page. Can’t Hagerty IT figure out how to rotate page 2, so when printing double sided they end up on the same side front and back and you only need one cutout. I accomplished by saving in adobe, exporting one page, rotating it, then copying it back in between each page and printed. much nicer having one small square in glove box. Thanks

@ereitz - Thanks for the comment. I will pass this good tip along to our IT team as a way to better the experience of printing out one’s own ID cards.

I had this problem. Turned off two sided printing, printed side one. Took the side one printed copy, turned it around and put it face up back into the paper tray. Printed page two on the back of page one.

Must be a really small glove box.