Iron Man’s supercharged 1970 Mustang caught in action


If you’ve been following along the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you know that Tony Stark is a bit of a car guy. In the very same basement workshop/garage where he cooked up the Mark 2 suit in 2008’s Iron Man, there’s a row of cars, including an Audi R8, Shelby Cobra, Saleen S7, and a pair of roadsters: a Tesla and a flamed ’32 Ford. For 2018’s Infinity War, we’ll hopefully see an addition to the Stark stable, this one an actual car the actor owns in real life. It turns out that Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man in the flesh, is a car guy, too. He worked with Speedkore Performance Group to build a sweet-looking 1970 Mustang Sportsroof.

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