Is $55,000 for Plymouth Prowler crazy or the new normal?


When the Plymouth Prowler was new in 1999, two years after it launched, it cost $39,300. That’s nearly $60K in 2018 money, and at the turn of the millenium that was a tough sell for such an outlandish-looking retro rod with barely any trunk and a measly V-6 engine. Nearly 20 years on, an excellent-condition Prowler with 23,000 miles just sold for $55,000 at auction—well north of what even elite-level concours-condition Prowlers usually cost. So what’s happening here?

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"Is $55,000 for Plymouth Prowler crazy or the new normal?"
V6, auto, slow, mass-produced. Has ‘poser’ written all over it so it was silly even when new. And I was the demographic it was aimed at. Yep…it was kind of insulting…IMO.


I thought they were awesome when they came out, but I was not yet a teenager so anything that wasn’t a four-door or a truck was cool. Now I still don’t know how to feel about the Prowler. There was such opportunity for it to be a really cool car, but what actually rolled out of the factories is hard to get excited about.


You know thinking about it Chrysler just may have learned their lesson with the Prowler as evidenced by the Hellcat and it’s successor the Demon. Seems like it’s targeted at that same market segment of relatively small group of 40-55 yr old males that can afford an impractical second vehicle…except now these come “go” along with the “show”.


@Jim-R You make a good point. The Hellcat/Demon are nostalgia marketed yet somehow still appeal to younger audiences as well. Even if folks can’t afford them, it creates a solid second market years down the road when they get disposable income. I would draw a comparison to the LS6 Chevelles of old. They were top of the food chain for many buyers, but darn expensive which meant they got lusted after for quite some time.


Everytime I read a comment like this. I can’t but think back to Bob Lutz on stage introducing the Plymonth Prowler. “Those who don’t get or don’t like it, never will…and that’s fine with us!”


What a wonderful rationalization for the car! What color was your’s?