Is a depreciated mess of a Mercedes E500 wagon still worth $3200?


Hey Rob love the article, I too have a love for old German wagons. My current ride is a 06 Audi A6 Avant with 195km, two years in now and I had to deal with the dreaded timing chain guides which reared their ugly noise over the Xmas holidays.
I guess I’m committed to her now, next I plan a tranny service and hopefully this will buy me a couple years of “no drama” driving. But regardless I love the drive and feel, no words can describe it. Like my mechanic says “it’s a love hate” relationship with these cars or you can play it safe and buy a Mazda LOL
Cheers Ed


Problem is your 1st service will be more than the cost of the car!


No matter what, owners will be spending money. If one buys new and keeps the maintenance under control, that person not only faces depreciation, but also the additional tax and license that goes with the price. The insurance will also be higher.

When a used car is bought, then the purchase, tase, license and insurance costs will all be lower but then maintenance cost will partially offset those savings.

Somewhere, there is a middle ground where the total cost of car ownership tends towards a minimum.

I have five German cars and I allocate $100/month per car in maintenance for all them. The past five years, I haven’t exceeded that amount by a long shot. Yes, its’ true I’m only driving each of 2 to 4 k car but I’ve also built a fat reserve should something big come. The point is what could I have bought the totals $600 a month in car payments? A lot less than three sports car, a wagon and a bug.

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Wow! I am surprised at some of the repairs needed to some of these newer Benz’s. All that electronic crap that goes bad.
Have a 1992 190 E 2.6 with 270k on it. Purchased with only 6k on it in 92.
Car has been good to me…and I have been good to it. Did all repairs before they would break and leave me stranded along the road. Has only stranded me twice in all those miles. Once at a gas station and the other time right in front of a parking spot that I was able to drift into on a busy city street. Each time it was the same plastic part that connected the gas pedal to the throttle cable. Very poor design.
Parts for these cars are now ridiculously expensive. Think Mercedes is trying to force you into a new car.
Had minor repairs in the first 100k. Car started to cost me at about the 140k to 150k range.
Didn’t care, love the car and it looks like new and the repairs are still cheaper than a new car.
Although the air injection pump was a killer at 1900 dollars. Didn’t include installation.
Key to keeping any high mileage car on the road is maintanence, maintenance, maintenance.
You have to love the vehicle, if not it becomes a love hate relationship. You mechanic loves to see you coming and you start to hate the car.


What’s the deal with a $1900 air inj pump? What would a regular chump customer pay? Does your state/county have emissions? Was a used one not available? Can it be rebuilt? Could it have been bypassed?

I have a friend that repairs newer German stuff. Alot of times a similar if not identical part is available from another manufacturer. But one needs to have lots of shop time to know what fits what. When he tells the story it sounds like a lucky coincidence, but it’s really his experience that gets the vehicle repaired at a fraction of the dealer (ripped off) quote


Hey Corvairwild,

To answer your question, it depends on what condition a “depreciated mess” really is. With all the parts places selling OEM Mercedes parts, you should be able to come up with a price for the air pump.Then
figure on paying someone else at least $85/hr to do the work, or more like $110/hr if you choose a dealer.
The E500’s are complicated cars and unless you are a hands on kinda guy I’d suggest hire someone who
has both the proper tools and the knowledge to wrench on these cars. Good luck!



Dealer quotes on parts are a ripoff.

For curiousity’s sake alone, I looked up the air smog pump (?) cost for that year of Mercedes E Wagon on rockauto

The Bosch model was about $200

The daily-driver no name brand was actually more at $300.

of course, with rock, you have shipping, and time delays, yadda yadda yadda.