Is a tan in this 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda convertible worth a 1000% premium?

Is it worth it? Sure, why not. If something sells for a million, it was worth a million to someone, on that day. I’m not feeling it personally for that amount, compared to what I could buy instead, but that wasn’t the question. :wink:

Well my grapes are not in the least sour. I’ve had Hemis under foot. Also 2 different Ferrari Boxers, 3 different J Duesenberg models, countless Packards of many series including 2 Darrins and a 1 of 3 1006 Dietrich Sport Phaeton. Owned 2 383 Mopars, a 68 Road Runner and a 70 'Cuda, a 69 440 GTX and a 69 440 Charger. Non-mopes include a 68 GT 500KR, a 69 Boss 302, a 70 LS-5 Chevelle, 69 Vette with a 390 HP 427 4spd, 70 GTO, and a 72 Camaro SS with a 14:1 477 BBC that ran low 10s. My palette is anything but sour my friend. I live with 6 and 7 figure American Classics vicariously, live with a 39 Ford hot rod and a 65 GTO as my own. I don’t hunt, fish, bowl, play golf, go boating or play softball. I’m an opinionated car guy with a very broad and pragmatic brush. That same pragmatism realizes where the rubber meets the road and where the rest of it truly is. Dream big and don’t awake from it, but be sure to dream of and chase down what you like more than anything else. You’ll always win that way.

When I first got out of the Air Force I had a red 1970 'Cuda with a 340 that was built. What a car. not a convertible, but still very nice. Wish I had never sold it. I loved how just stomping the peddal made the tires spin. Only problem was in any bad weather it was hard to get moving off a light. Just wanted to sit and spin.

Don’t know about that, but I do know this. A buddy of mine and I test drove a 340 pistol grip 4 speed on a test drive… brand new. Phoenix… My buddy Rusty pulled out of the lot and got the car sideways. And… if that was not scary enough, waiting for us at the next green light was a red light center puncher that did a number on the little Cuda. We were a little banged up, but not banged up enough to go back and pick up another Cuda to bring home that afternoon. That was over 48 years ago. Time flies! Miss you Rusty… hope all is well where you are.

Back in the Golden years of muscle cars everyone knew convertibles were heavier than coupes and they were not for the hard core quarter milers. I remember tinted windows weighed a extra 20 lbs and were often deleted by hard core drag racers like me…

I remember being 17 years old watching a black over white hemi Challenger being off loaded in the evening at Crestview Chrysler in Regina Saskatchewan. I was aghast as the impatient carrier driver backed up too fast thus parking this brand new car on its driver’s side as it fell off the ramp. Broken glass, and caved in metal was a horrific sight to behold. The dealership’s receiver seemed disappointed but not as dismayed as one would expect. I knew the owner of the dealership who was a neighbor and friend of my dad and asked him if it was ever going to be repaired and put on the lot for sale. He said there was nothing that body filler and good insurance couldn’t fix, go figure?? What I wouldn’t give to have that same car today, even if it was exactly as viewed when planted sideways on the pavement back in 1971.