Is it a ‘67 or ‘68? Either way, this GT350 is a looker


By no means am I a Mustang expert, but I have enough pony-car knowledge to immediately recognize a 1967 Mustang GT350 when I see one. Or so I thought.

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The first thing I saw was the side marker lights which were required in 1968 and up…


As mentioned it has side marker lights - a DOT giveaway for anything from 1968 on. Plus it has the bigger 7" headlights, whereas the 67 Shelby used four smaller 5.25" headlights - with the high beams initially placed in the center, until they found that states like PA had rules against that. But still a nice CS!


There were a few options as far as headlight combinations for 67. The big difference between 67 and 68 GT350’s is the hood/front cowl area. 67’s hood went all the way to the edge of the fender. 68’s hood had a larger scoop and the hood ended at the front cowl. The front cowl went from fender to fender leaving a nose piece when the hood was open.