Is that you, Mirai? Toyota just made hydrogen sexy

Believe it or not, this sleek-looking, very Lexus-esque sedan is the second-generation Toyota Mirai. While the first iteration of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel-cell-powered sedan looked like an even more alien Prius, the nearly production-ready concept Toyota is previewing ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show has some serious style. On top of that, it boasts huge steps forward in technology that suggest Toyota is committed to making fuel-cell powertrains legitimately viable.

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This is the way forward. I do not know what all if any waste products there are from the production of Hydrogen fuel cells but I DO know that there are a lot of hazardous waist products from the production of batteries used for all those NOT green EVs. No body wants to admit to the fact that electric vehicles start out producing a lot of hazardous waste. More companies need to be looking into hydrogen fuel cells.

I wish Toyota would make a car like this or the current Camry into a sport wagon, without all the plastic add on skirting and bulges, just a long low sleek sport wagon, and throw in a 6 speed manual!

Looks like every other modern 4 door sedan. Yawn.

EV with batteries are only a band aid.until Hydrogen becomes the norm. Governments and the industries should focus their energy on building the infrastructure. At that point you will see Fuel Cell cars proliferate. One hundred percent clean and one hundred percent renewable, and as a bonus more power than you can handle…

Fuel cell proponents always miss one fact - If the tail pipe emits water/steam what happens on a zero degree day? Imagine a thousand hydrogen cars per hour crossing an intersection during the middle of the winter - how icy will the road be?

A thousand vehicles crossing an intersection will create enough heat through tire contact that will evaporate the small amount of moisture that makes it to the pavement, even in winter. These won’t be firehoses of water, just drops.

Oh boy! Another generic 4 door sedan that looks like every other 4 door sedan in side view. The Mr Potato Head front and rear ends show some individuality, BUT only until the next paste-on refresh.
People are not the brightest now, when fueling with gasoline, can’t wait for the hydrogen economy! EVs will always be a niche market for eco-nazis and early-adopters, until battery tech gets a whole lot better AND cheaper.

Hydrogen does not exist by itself. It requires large amounts of energy to make it. A Steam Methane Reformer creates emissions making Hydrogen so there is no gain. You cannot drive a Hydrogen car across the country (limited fuel sources).