Is the fourth-generation Camaro collectible yet?


For a few short but painful years, the fourth-generation Camaro was also the last Camaro. Falling sales, among other reasons, led GM to discontinue F-body siblings the Camaro and Firebird, even as the rival Mustang soldiered on unencumbered.

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These cars were dying out just as I came of driving age. I remember reading about the ZL1 in magazines and thinking about how completely insane those were. More realistically, I’ve always dreamed of having a 4th gen SLP Camaro SS or Pontiac Firehawk.


In favor of these becoming collectible is that they’ve got horsepower that’s good even by today’s standard.
Against these becoming collectible is the jet-fighter styling that went out of fashion and never came back (even though I thought it looked good). GM decided the 5th generation Camaros should resemble the 1st gen, which sort of made gens 2,3 and 4 into an evolutionary dead-end.


Honestly, I think they’re already collectible (at least in the case of the SLP cars and the ZL1). The major milestone is that, the 4th Gen F-body was the first car to really kick off the modern muscle phenomenon when the LS1 was introduced. I think of these as less of an evolutionary dead end and more of a jumping off point for the 5th gen since there was plenty to improve on.


I meant evolutionary dead-end in terms of styling and packaging, not performance. The 4th-gen seriously upped the ante on horsepower, leading directly to what we have today, but it’s space-age styling has yet to be seen again.


Ok, fair point. Personally I’m a fan, but I know I’m in the minority.