Is the Lexus LFA Nürburgring the next million-dollar supercar?


At a time when Japanese supercars of the ’80s and ’90s are red hot, it should come as no surprise that the ultimate Japanese road-missile of the 2010s is also in high demand. No, I’m not talking about the new Acura NSX, which Honda wishes were selling a lot faster, nor am I referring to the Nissan GT-R, which is somehow still on sale and about a third more expensive than when it made its debut in 2008. That high-pitched, V-10 yowl you’re hearing is the Lexus LFA, Toyota’s limited-production, Formula 1-derived supercar.

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Is this a joke?
No one has ever heard of this car and it’s not comparable in the super car market.


It’s not a joke. I remember when this car was released. Toyota has some amazing technology at their fingertips and this car was manufactured to showcase that ability, unfortunately, it was still a “Japanese car” to it’s intended market. It is wicked fast and has handling to match. There not many sold in the U.S., but with only 50 made I can why it is becoming respectable in the world of super cars.


A mere $376,000 “base” price? With some Teutonic tuning thrown in? Add in some Italian styling and we’ll have an Axis car… kidding!

Lexus has long-deserved, and held, its reputation for excellence, in both engineering and customer satisfaction.

Why not in high-performance too? This car qualifies, though its price may be too steep; especially for a car that doesn’t know if it’s a race-car or a super-exotic streetcar; (would YOU take it shopping?) I own a beautiful black 1992 Lexus SC400, (a genteel GT,) and I am very particular where I park.

Automobile builders have always been at a crossroads of “manufacturing” cars, to be bought by more people; and then also strutting their stuff, where they show what they’re really capable of delivering; even when it’s ionospheric for you and me.

Hey; our hyper-engineering is what your kids will someday see as normal.


On Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson said the Lexus LFA was the best car they had ever tested. This was when the LFA was new, or near new,


Isn’t this the car Kyle Busch was caught speeding in at some ridiculous speed with his wife in the car?


This wasn’t the car that Kyle Busch was caught speeding in at 128 mph. I have found the VIN: JTHHX8BH7C1000347 —and according to Lexus (https://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/resources/viewSpecifications) it was sold new at Balise Lexus which I know is in West Springfield, MA.


Ridiculous pricing. Many orders of magnitude slower than my C7 Z06, never mind a ZR1. Only paid 20% of the LFA price for my car. Nicer paint and interior, but for over $300,000 more ? Nuts. Nothing that special about it. Would buy a Mc Claren, Ferrari, or Lamborghini instead.


In some people’s eyes the price for the LFA may be ridiculous for an obscure supercar. People said the same thing for McLaren F1 Years ago when they started reaching $1 million. Now those cars are selling for $15-$20 million :slight_smile: As for a person that enjoys European sports cars the LFA is at home with Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatti. The LFA boast engineering and technology advancements that rival all supercars. It also briefly held the record at the Nuremberg ring. Not all manufacturers can claim that. What makes this vehicle so special there are only 50 LFA’s Nurembergring in the world. Compared to other manufacturers producing thousands of copies of their sports cars. I enjoy owning and driving rare vehicles that are highly sought after by others. This is what makes these cars so special and valuable. Happy driving.


What if Lexus bought the rights to the Vector W8 and merged that design with the Lexus driveline and technology… now that would be cool. I’m sort of kidding, I’m sure this car is amazing, I just can’t get past the looks.