Is the MGB really "that bad" of a car?

Hello everyone,
So I’m looking at a MGB. All the suspension front and back has been redone. All it really needs is the drivetrain reinstalled, the Mobdro electrical to run it, and some bondo/paint… for $1500!

So i told my old man about this car, Lucky Patcher about how unreliable it was. He just went off about how he has a Lada back in the day and parts would be hard to find/ridiculously expensive.

Also, what would you recommend for a small “unique” (whether by numbers or modifications :slight_smile: ), fun, cheap to drive, convertible

@apnegaanesabhekno - I don’t think your father comparison between the Lada and MGB is fair, just to start. The MGB has a pretty devout following here in the states, which equates to a lot of knowledge and parts spread around. Soviet cars don’t enjoy nearly the same support here…

Even if advertised as “all it needs” is the drivetrain reinstalled, that is still a pretty significant task. Don’t get drawn in by minimalizing it to simply tightening a few bolts. That said, could still be a good buy depending on other factors.

I’m biased, but Corvair convertibles are unique and fun to drive. Affordable too, especially if you are okay with an automatic (four-speed Corvairs are typically more desireable.)

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Brit cars have a strong following and good parts support both here and in Europe. If you have a specific type go to the blogs or fan sites and most have a buyers guide to focus you on the typical issues. MGBs are unibody and like all brits were used to a salt free diet in the UK. Mechanicals are fairly simple and basic and Lucas electricals have a sordid history for many. Spend the time on the net to learn what it takes to feed and care for a Brit and you will be better prepared.

Parts availability and price is better than a 1992 Toyota! Simple to repair. 2 guys should be able to have the engine and gearbox in and running one day, if they can read a Haynes repair manual!