Is the revised 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 still relevant or ready for the pasture?

As many of you know, I am a diehard Ford and Shelby guy. As such, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Ford’s then-new S550-generation GT350 when it was introduced in 2015. Why? Because the specs were not only mouth watering but also simply unheard of in this segment. For starters, even Ferrari doesn’t have the guts to try building a massive 5.2-liter flat plane crank V-8, let alone bolt one in a pony car. But Ford? That nobody else saw the need to produce such a thing didn’t seem to faze them, and the engineers let it spin to an 8250-rpm redline. Oh, and with 526 horsepower, 91 more than the GT at the time. The other hardware on the then-new GT350 was also pretty dreamy. Huge vented, floating, co-cast brake rotors front and rear (over 15 inches up front, with Brembo six-piston calipers), a unique GT350-only front clip with a carbon-fiber core support and aluminum panels, a bespoke Tremec TR-3160 six-speed transmission, and about a hundred other unique components throughout that made a GT350 a GT350. At least on paper, it was one of the most impressive bits of kit to ever roll out of Ford.

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Good article. Would like to see some lap time comparisons between the cars mentioned to see if a used car would be a better buy than a brand new one.

I know the GT500 will be the new King of All Mustangs, but the 350 hits the sweet spot with me. Voodoo engine? Check. Lots of usable horsepower? Check. Everything you could want to enjoy on public streets? Check. Still usable for occasional track fun? Check.

My only problem is trying to decide what features/options I would want or not want. I prefer leather seats and like the idea of power seats plus heated/cooled, but wonder if I would regret not having the Recaros. I would love to have the carbon fiber wheels, but I don’t want other features of the “R” model, like the rear seat delete. I would intend to drive the car on the street 95% of the time and might use it on the track a couple of times to improve driving skills. So, creature comforts outweigh (pun intended) putting the car on a diet for track use.

Also, is the Performance Blue the same color they painted the auto show models of the GT350, Focus RS and Raptor (I think) several years back? Loved that color and it would be my first choice if so.

I briefly considered a GT350, but I really did not like the Recaro seats that the Dealer car had in it. It made it kind of hard to get in and out without sliding on the bolster and I knew that after a short time it would show wear… I ended up with a Supercharged Mustang GT, technically it is an RS3 Roush conversion, and all I have to say is it is a blast to drive. Coilover suspension, 670hp, It rides harder than a regular GT, but I got the creature comforts, such as Heated & Cooled Leather/Suede (non recaro) seats… Some dealerships around the country will take any new GT and throw a supercharger on it for around $8000…

The GT350 has the option of going with the “regular” leather seats, power, heated/cooled. Do they hold you in place well enough? I’ve had cars where I felt like I needed to hang onto the steering wheel to stay in my seat. :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt that I’d enjoy a GT with the Performance Pack 2, even not supercharged. But, that Voodoo engine sure seems intoxicating. If I went with the Recaros, since they aren’t full leather, I might end up getting some kind of seat cover for them, anyway. Not some cheap-looking, poor-fit cover, but a custom-fit cover, even if I needed to go to an upholstery shop. In other words, I’d rather have the seats that work the best and then manage keeping them in great shape however I have to, but not at the cost of making the interior look like grandma’s couch. :smiley:

I was riding with an owner of a 2019 GT350 at an autocross who said his shifter was broken and that it was a fairly common problem with the GT350s and that he was 5 days away from returning it under lemon law since the parts were on back order due to so many cars having the same issue. He said that it wouldn’t go into 1st or 2nd gear. If you tried to put it in 1st, it would go into reverse.