Is the Triumph TR7 going to be dirt cheap forever?

I bought a TR8 a couple of years ago. It had sat unused for almost 20 years. I bought it under the condition that I could get my money back if I could not get the engine running. And of course the top and interior was in very poor shape. The body had only minor dings but the paint was dull. The odometer showed just over 11k Miles and I laughed when the seller said he believe it was correct. It needed a lot of work. The valley gasket was rusted through and all of the fuel left in the tank hand turned to varnish. This was a major effort (lots of painstaking hours). I was surprised at how well built it actually was. Like all British Leyland products the electrical was suspect. But I have owned one Austin (74), three MGBs (67, 75 & 78), and a Range Rover (95) and the electrical is easily remedied. Add a separate ground system. Bond everything together, don’t rely on the body for grounding. This fixes 90+% of the issues and its so simple to do. I still have the 75 MGB and the TR8. I am selling my TR8 because I just don’t have the time to drive the two of them. These cars were made to be driven and its hard to keep cars up that don’t get driven. Both are fun to drive and two very different driving experiences. I love my TR8 but I’m partial to my Bs.

Only 3,000lbs with a 3.5L V8 engine, Offenhauser Manifold, Edlebrock four barrel carb, steel tube exhaust, Jaguar XJS leather seats, and a vintage Blaupunkt Radio. Bordeaux Red

Dear Sir
Would you be interested to sell your TR7, as Id love to own it, depends on the price of course, but I am interested to buy a FHC so I can ship back to the UK
please send me a message if your interested
kind regards

Why do the British drink warm beer? Because Lucas Electric made refrigerators!

I had a TR-7 convertible in the early 80’s, and the performance was fine. Unfortunately, I had to carry a spare alternator and a spare starter in the trunk. Whenever one or the other gave up, usually an every 6 months occurrence, I would have a local mechanic do a quick swap. I’d bring the worn out one to a shop and have it rebuilt. Then it would go back into the trunk. As long as I had the spare, it only cost a few bucks to get the swap. At least twice, I had it done on the side of the road!