Is there a Mustang for every generation?


No matter how old you are, chances are there’s one Mustang out there that makes you look twice when it zooms by. From wheezy Mustang IIs to tire-shredding 600-plus-horsepower Shelbys, there’s a Ford pony car out there for every taste, be it a classer cruiser or a drag-strip weapon. It turns out that when you were born says a lot about which Mustang you love most.

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This makes me want to go buy a 2nd generation Mustang and build a complete sleeper.


@Matt - Seems like a good idea, but good luck finding a good one for a starting point! They don’t seem to have aged well.


The 2nd gen mustangs are cool cars - I have one and love them. Power horses they are not however they are so cool and fun to drive. If I want power I drive my newer one. Like Kyle says they are hard to find and not in good shape when you do find one.