Is this $2500 Camaro Z/28 a project car bargain or a total lost cause?


We’ve all browsed used car ads on eBay and Craigslist faced a dilemma. So many cars and trucks that have just one or two things wrong and a tempting price attached to them. Is buying one of these projects a bad idea? We’re going to examine one to see what it would take—theoretically, and based on the information provided—to get it back to solid running condition.

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I have a 90 iroc wirh a 5.7 tpi and cost Me $3000 dollars needed paint and a tune up and someone put in a 86 iroc interior i guess they hated the original red interior.


That looks like a 86 IROC Z28. I’d buy it! I have a 85 L69 IROC, and that one looks savable.Can’t put too much power through the T5, can’t really hold more than 300HP/300 Ft lb reliably.


Do it. Fix it up, make a sharp driver out of it. There are other Camaro’s besides the 1969.


Seems like a possible driver car. Plenty of cheap fixes for these Camaro’s as well as bolt on upgrades. Would be a cool entry level fixer upper.


I’d like to know where you can get a show quality paint job for $6000.


I would also like to know where one could get a show quality paint job for $6000.00!!! WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THAT FIGURE!!!


I do not care what the price of admission is, in this case 2500, if the final objective costs more than the car is worth to me I won’t buy it. I would pass on this Camaro.


At $2000 it might be hard to pass on a rare running, original V8 / 3rd-gen 5-speed / slicktop with some of the pricey work already done. Is the paint original but missing graphics? We had an '86 or '87 IROC in that color, IIRC.

Fix up the interior & trans, do what you can with carb & headers depending on your local emissions regs, rebuild and lightly upgrade the rest of the suspension and brakes, and ditch the trailer wheels for some 15" or 16" OE 5-spokes and decent rubber.

Assuming no rust or bodywork necessary, you could easily get in under $10k for a decently fun backroads musclecar, one that’s becoming fairly uncommon.


Through 6 grand of paint on it and you’ve got lipstick on a pig.


Ahh yes Classic Craigslist THE GOOD, THE BAD format.
My favorite!
Solid buy!


Piggybacking on the above comment, I do like the format- “The GOOD, The BAD” where an owner discloses what they know about the vehicle. I did that selling my 2002 Isuzu Trooper (loved that car) and it sold immediately. The buyer was grateful of the detailed description I provided.
Of course buying cars is a “Buyer Beware” proposition and not all owners are up front about known issues so I like this Camaro owner’s ad.
I was in high school from 1988-1992 so when I see a sweet Camaro (Iroc or not) from this era I get fired up! Will they catch up to the Fox bodies in popularity? We’ll see!


I agree with all the comments on the paint job prices. Those are so far off. Body and paint will eat most of my dreams fast on fixing a car. $600 dreaming