Is this half Tesla/half Honda mashup the future of hot rodding?


In the hunt for a wicked fast car, Jim Belosic cobbled together a mix of OEM parts from three different manufactures. And getting them all to play nice with one another was no easy task. Is this the future of hot rodding?

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This thing is RAD! Heck of a project and a really cool finished product


@Si_Guy - I don’t know how I feel about it. Impressive engineering, but the posture of it and the wheels poking out like that just looks dumb to me.

I’m also very confused by the straight axle up front, but I assume when the engine came out the suspension pickup points were removed too?


This kind of mash up isn’t new, it’s the same concept as the hot rods of the 40s and 50s just in a different package. All that is old is new again!


Kyle, I think I understand the “dragstrip” stance. First project out of the chute, he wanted to keep it as simple as possible on the mechanical side.

Bet the next one will be more well-rounded. Guy has a great attitude.