Is this the golden age of the Dodge Challenger?


At times, it is hard to believe it has been a decade since Dodge revived the Challenger nameplate. Since then, Mustang and Camaro have both gone through full redesigns that step further away from classic style cues, while the riotously retro Challenger marches on with more model choices, more nostalgia-tinged options, more horsepower, and more brazen Mopar swagger than ever.

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With sales like that where’s the ragtop?


I just acquired a 2018 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack in F8 Green to match my 69 Charger that is F5 Green.
The Challenger is an amazing car & I would classify it as the best car I have ever owned. It will be my weekend cruiser along with my 69. I would like to display both of them together as the Grandfather & Grandson if I can figure out how to get both of them to a show location.


Yep, Ford and Chevy need to realize that their current reincarnations of the Mustang and Camaro are way too far from the originals that they should be ashamed to call them by those famous names. Their appearances remind me of cheap Japanese knockoffs. The new Challenger is true to its heritage and is benefitting from its roots.


I’ve been a Mopar guy for 50 years, and Dodge should be just as ashamed to call their 4 door Chargers by name. The new Challengers are great though.