It’s April 27th: Show us your 427!


When Ford won the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans with the GT40, it wasn’t with some puny small-block, it was 7.0-liters of American V-8. You know what? The hell with the metric system, let’s call it what it really was, 427 cubic inches! And we want to see yours in the comments below.

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I Have a 68 chevy biscayne which came from the factory with the L72 427- 425 HP ENGINE. It was sold by NICKEY CHEVROLET in CHICAGO. It is a matching numbers engine with a M-21 4-speed. It has 6,000 original miles. It’s a black on black car. Iv’e owned the car since 1988. Except for a repaint, it is unrestored. My best time was 12:53@ 109 MPH In my research on the car, I was told only 2 of these biscaynes are knowed to exist. I found the original owner and he confirmed they bought the car from nickey. He gave me a notarized letter stating they bought it at nickey. He had no other paper work on the car. At a car show in CHICAGO, the manager of nickey’s performance shop saw the car and said they only sold 3 Biscaynes, blue ,green and black. He remembered the black on. I have a 66 hemi charger 4-sp car, just finishihg a ground up restore on it.


@zielinski_s - That sounds like an awesome Biscayne!