It’s not paranoia if they really are out to take your cars

I’ve been thinking a lot about Neil Peart and Richard Aborn these past few weeks. Chances are you know who Neil Peart was—if you don’t, that might indicate that our campaign to attract more female automotive enthusiasts to this page is working, because I’ve never met a woman who could name a single member of Rush or name a single song the band played. Most of us dudes at least know their six-minute tune Red Barchetta and its dire prediction of a country in the grip of “the Motor Law,” where the mere operation of an internal-combustion vehicle is a crime. Neil recently lost his struggle with cancer, a loss felt deeply by many Hagerty readers.

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As far as the governments go, it’s all about controlling where people can and cant go. How many of these electric vehicles people will be forced to use will no longer be capable of independent control?

Also, what are there plans for providing gasoline to lawn mowers, etc.?

A fair point about ocean going vessel emissions… true, they may not be burning coal anymore but most marine ship fuel is based on recycled used motor oil.
They wont gonafter cows because that’s going after farmers and cheese burgers and cheese and milk and ice cream.

Who doesnt like any of that stuff?

They wont gonagtrr ocean going vessels because of international waters, and they are also owned by companies and not usually people.

A pessimistic world view to be sure, but it’s what we are left with.

King Canute understood science better than the confirmation-biased punters who truly believe that a 1 molecule in 10,000 increase in CO2 is going to disrupt a climate that’s been remarkably stable since the last Glaciation… (We’re still in an ice-age.) When CO2 was at 180ppm, cming out of that Glaciation, plants were struggling and the the warmest period since was the Holocene Climate Optimum - about 8,000 years ago.

Baruth, is this click bait or are you really this delusional? I say this as a car guy with four ICE cars in the garage - 3 of them toys - the sane world is taking climate change seriously. Electric cars are the future (and there’s nothing wrong with that, although it only helps CO2 emissions.). Have you driven a Tesla? These are not cars for the proles. Audi, BMW, etc. sales are getting hit hard.

There’s nobody coming to take your dinosaur powered ride. ICE cars are going to be gradually replaced by electrics. Most of this will just be driven by advances in electric cars and the market. Batteries are following a tech-like price/performance curve and that won’t stop soon. Have you driven the 101 in Silicon Valley lately? Seems like every second car is a plug-in. Gasoline powered cars are going to go the way of the old telephone modems and other products obsoleted by tech. Nobody will miss them, save for a few crotchety old guys reminiscing about the old days.

And I’m looking for a plug-in this spring. Wish the Honda Clarity was sold in the midwest.

@01ksdavis - I don’t think your point about “control” applies as much to electric cars as self-driving cars. While I would love to pull my laptop out and have a cup of coffee on my 45 minute commute to work in a self driving car, the idea of having a corporation/government (and I don’t see that much difference at this point) control my mobility scares the crap out of me.

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Just the stroke a of a pen
California has already banned heavy trucks manufactured before 2003 from operating in their state . Boom. Done . Zero problems .
They could easily do the same with passenger cars

Now slow down a bit there. California increased regulation, but there are still exceptions that make sense. They can be found in this handout from the California Air Research Board. Nowhere does it state that trucks prior to 2003 are no longer operable. It is reference to the engine model year. Re-powering those trucks is an option, and exemptions do exist.

You have a point though, that legislation did go through and could very well be setting precedent for similar legislation about automobiles. However, I personally doubt a state that has communities that struggle with air quality will set precedent for the other 49 states. It is case by case, but certainly something to watch.

All this discussion about electric vehicles never mentions where the electricity will come from. As it now is most electrical grids are close to being maxed out. Windmills and solar panels are such a small percentage as to be negligible. So even if we build a bunch of small nuclear plants (which are carbon neutral) there is also the small matter of electrical supply lines to houses. Or electrical infrastructure if you want bigger words. I would say right now if every house on our block had an electric vehicle plugged in tonight our local breaker would kick out. If every car was now electric the entire electric infrastructure would have to be completely over hauled. If 5 electrics pulled into a Buckees to be charged their electrical would need to be upgraded as well.
In 2010 I looked at a GM 1/2 hybrid truck. Right color, right price etc. Then I thought what happens in 10 years when I want to replace batteries? It was a good decision to not buy that as GM discontinued the hybrid truck. Until batteries can have more storage and much faster charging electrics won’t be really popular. Electrics will have to grow gradually just like cars did 100+ years ago. Mandating timing by the governments will just screw things up.

It’s totally nuts
California banned heavy trucks manufactured before 2003 , for “Enviromental quality “ yet encourages and allows people to poop on the sidewalks .

Cali will ban old cars at some point
They did it with trucks and no one protested . The truckers could have just shut down until the they changed their rule , but no one protested . The new trucks with the DPF and DEF and EGR and all the sensors and computers and crap are total unreliable expensive junk .
They require so many repairs You simply cannot afford to own one that’s out of warranty .

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One major leap forward in batteries (that are also 100% recyclable) and electric car sales will eat the ICE.
As much as I like old sports and muscle cars the writing is on the wall. What is needed in my view is an electric motor married to a manual transmission - with an operable clutch - so the joy of shifting and driving can stay part of the experience. A basic drive-able “slot car” without all the gizmos could be a huge seller.

The writing is on the wall. The future for transportation is electric for everything except long range air travel. So they stop selling new ICE cars in 2035. Big deal. What would be a far greater threat to the average collector or car enthusiast is if they banned DRIVING ICE cars at some point. I seriously doubt that will ever happen, not now, not in 100 years. I will be able to drive my Ferrari for the remainder of my lifetime, I am sure of that.