Its cold outside Stone Cold H.P


Yea its cold out yea most would rather be closer to the equator but for those of us that suffer thru winter while your summer thrill machine sits Idle this is the way to get that horsepower fix Arctic Cat zr 9000 snowmobile a tad over a liter (1000) cc Turbocharged with just shy of 180 hp in stock configuration with a world of higher horsepower go fast goodies available to drive that engine to terrifying levels the snowmobile is king in the snowy season lots of brands with comparable performance this is what me and the wife do on nice winter days.R


@rob.rogers - I have only piloted a snow machine once, and it was a tired vintage sled. I could only imagine the modern machines are absolute rockets. That 180hp is no small number for a compact car, let alone a relatively small sled!


LOL Kyle you just would not believe how far sleds have come there are certifiable snow rockets bought off the showroom floor my sled came stock with 10 to 12 ish boost flip of a switch puts it in the mid teens for boost another click we are at 21 p.s.i and in and about 250 and change hp but also at the limit before head studs meth kit and Carillo rods after that sky is the limit till ya blow the hats off the engine I have seen hp numbers out of the twin Suzuki turbo at levels as high as 500 hp and more,in trail form its not unusual to see 220 to 250 hp sleds on a regular day some with launch control stutter button.WP_20180602_002|690x387


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Wow. Did you have to upgrade the track? If it is anything like cars, you run out of traction before you run out of power.


Traction vrs H.P a never ending issue for all of us summer or winter,winter certainly has many more challenges stock my unit comes with a 1.25 in lug which in certain snow condition gives surprisingly decent traction added to the track as a bolt in option is carbide tipped studs 1.375 inch long i run up to 192 pcs depending on the need 144 give or take will do for the most part this gives the extra traction needed on hard pack/ice but there is still slippage a lot more controllable,and also makes for a safer ride on the trail when encountering icy corners or downhill sections we also use runners on the ski,s with sharpened carbide inserts.R