Jaguar asks the Oxford English Dictionary to change its definition of “car”

Although arguing from a dictionary definition is not the most sophisticated form of rhetoric, words do have meaning. Over time, however, definitions change, words take on new interpretations, and dictionaries do catalog those changes. When using English words, the final arbiter of their meanings for centuries has been the Oxford English Dictionary, known to writers, editors, and language geeks as the OED. The OED is the accepted authority when it comes to English usage. Now Jaguar has asked the OED to change its definition of “car”—or at least how the dictionary defines it online.

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Numbers don’t lie here…

Until Jaguar can boast the production numbers of the Model T, VW Beetle, or even Toyota Corolla, I don’t think it should be changed…

However, don’t both organizations have to ultimately answer to the Queen anyway? Or, do I have that wrong?