Jaguar’s E-type might just have the best-sounding European six-cylinder

Porsche guys can keep their Mezgers, and Alfa fans their Bussos, because the trophy for greatest-sounding European six-cylinder engine belongs in Coventry, home of Jaguar’s XK-series inline-six. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself on the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, which features a meticulously-constructed Jaguar E-Type and the glorious music that emanates from it’s center-exit tailpipes.

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The E-type’s voice is certainly glorious, however Jaguar’s own F-types, both the supercharged V6 and the V8 are certainly contenders for the greatest sounding cars of all time. I drove a V8 F-type in December, 2013, for about a week, courtesy of Jaguar and jaguarforums, before they went on sale in the United States, and was stunned at the sound and its loudness. I could barely believe it could be legal.