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In the world of classic cars, some cars develop a value far in excess of their simple components. For many years, early Ferraris were prized by a few, but values remained reasonable for many who really wanted one. In the 1980s Porsche 356s were affordable for students wanting a fun weekend project and, similarly, long-hood 911s were generally attainable until a few short years ago. Some Cobras were also actually nearly affordable for a short time. But in an increasing manner classics are overriding their usual second-hand car virtues, and obtain a value mostly driven by a vague set of rules.

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I have been puzzling for some weeks now over the purchase of an inexpensive Japanese Kei Car. I recently sold my 1957 Austin A95 and, after many years with one or another British car filling the second space in my garage, I feel the absence. The appeal of the little Japanese machine is the quirky appearance combined with solid reliability they offer. The wide selection that is available, however, is killing me! Too much choice! I’m past the stage of cramming myself into sports cars and value a vehicle for accessibility and utility but love the “look-at-me” appearance of these little mechanical marvels. Forced to conform to government mandated rules for size and power the Japanese manufacturers seem to have found a good natured and individualistic way to make transportation appliances appealing. I want one for myself; but which one?

Darrell McDonald
Welland ON


@darrellmcd - Personally I would love to have an Autozam. Such neat little cars that never got the chance to be sold new in the US. Check out this one at Duncan Imports, sadly it’s not listed for sale but that have a great selection of Honda Beat’s that would be great fun also.