Japanese Sports Cars - Sport Car Values


Looking into my automotive crystal ball, I see a number of reasonably priced Japanese cars with the potential to go up in value, not down.

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Of the Japanese cars listed, I’ve been proud of the Mazda RX-7 and Miata (MX-5), Datsun 240 and 260-Z’s, and Honda’s Prelude made a bit of a special space in my heart and garage with my Sunbeam Tiger, Volvo 1800S, Mercury Cougar and Capri Mk I, and Citroen SM and DeTomaso Pantera, they’re THAT groovy!! Celica was for level-headed types (a la Olds Toronado and AMC Javelin) and Subaru was for the College circuit. But I rode in a Mk I Civic, going from New Haven back to NYC, and it performed well on I-95 against Big Rigs and other cars. And it fit me and I’m 6’, 1.5"!!! If I didn’t have a Mustang, I’d have gotten a Civic. It’s THE city car.