Jaw-dropping garage find: Granny owned a Lamborghini and a Ferrari


A whole host of young drivers have stories about receiving their grandparents’ old car as their first car, but Reddit user eriegin found out that her dear Granny used to drive a Lamborghini.

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I wonder how many people have cars like this sitting around and don’t realize what they have.


It has to be more than a few @Nick. I am more curious who has them, knows what they have, and keeps it hidden anyway.


I think about that allllll the time.


Um, does anybody else think this person should visit her Granny more? “This was the first time eriegrin had seen the car since she was a kid.” Like, what have you been doing for the last 20 years? Obviously not visiting your poor old granny…


Tom Cotter has sucked us all in. I can’t drive anywhere now without halfway driving off the road while trying to peek in people’s back yards and open garages. Every old pole barn I see or dilapidated 3-car garage I think, “I wonder what sort of treasure is behind those doors?” More than likely it’s just a bunch of garbage, but you never know!