Jay Leno drives the original Hot Rod test ’67 Camaro

When Chevrolet debuted the 1967 Camaro to do battle with the Mustang, Hot Rod magazine showed its readers how easy it was to make them formidable on the drag strip using a pre-production car that was first evaluated by Motor Trend. After its rough life as a magazine test mule, the car was purchased by Hot Rod editor Jim Macfarland, who owned it until Vic Edelbrock Jr. bought the fabled pony car in 1997.

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I was looking forward to watching Jay Leno rowing a Muncie and making this SBC sing.

I got an Edelbrock commercial instead.

Curious to know how many close calls or accidents Leno has had with other people’s cars. Passenger Jay did a beautiful Triple Lindy in the Hemi Under Glass.

@b.wohlfarth - Leno seems to be pretty respectful with other peoples cars based on my experience. Any of the accidents or damage always seems to come with him in the passenger seat or from another road user.

and that’s who scares the bejesus out of me…the other distracted road user who wanders out of his lane.

Jay wasn’t driving the Hemi Under Glass.

The first pictures in black and white , no vent window… not a 67

Thank god for that…his insurance premium would have gone up considerably.

Kudos to Don Barry. He’s impressive. Knows the products and history of his company as he should. So many times Jay has OEM guys on the show and they’re complete idiots and in five minutes you can tell they’re apple polishers. Not so with Don Barry. Ford had a guy named Jamel Haddadi who was their head of SVT. Reminds me a little of Barry. Jay’s the best. A true car guy.

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I found it odd how Jay commented on how the '67 looked under the hood. Looked to me like a catalog-car engine like I see at so many car shows. Topped off of course by the ubiquitous Edelbrock air cleaner (cannot believe they sell more carbs than those things), which would be the first thing I’d throw in the bin. But I get it, it is a corporate vehicle of a company that makes all that stuff so you would expect to find it there.

Best thing about the '67 for me was the original red deluxe interior. I am curious what the chrome thing is bolted to the roof on the inside drivers side, perhaps an anchor for a harness?

@greg.beaulieu - That looks like the anchor for the optional three-point belt to me. It was an option for '67 and standard from '68 on.