Jay Leno takes a spin in a dual-quad 1957 Corvette


Was 1957 the peak of American car design? Jay Leno thinks so, even declaring that styling became far too excessive the following year. Maybe that’s why he grabbed the keys to his 1957 Corvette for this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

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The '57 is the prettiest IMO. I just acquired my late father’s '62 Corvette in the same color combination (silver/ red interior, 340hp, although I still prefer the '57.


@edwardraab - I am with you on that. It such nuanced changes, but seeing the '57 in this video really cleared it up for me. maybe it was the color and wheel combination. Something just seemed right about it.


Jay, I enjoyed this video tremendously and couldn’t agree more. The 57 Vette was a breakthrough in styling and mechanically in its day. I just can’t can’t get over the fact that they had duel quads from the factory and 270 hp with all of that styling in 1957. To me it is the purist of all Corvettes and …I had to have one. I purchased mine in about 12 years ago.


The 57 is much nicer looking than the newer Corvettes. I feel that way about all makes and models. I like the new cars but always lean towards the older styles. That’s a great car and I enjoyed the history.


Jay, Always nice to hear you especially from such a sweet car. Here is my 24K mile original 56, including the paint. We were going over the brakes and carb’s when this pic was taken. Thanks, Ray


Thanks for showing us your 57 Vette, Jay! Very nice car, I have always loved the styling of the 57, that’s why I bought one 40 years ago and just got it back from a full restoration 3 years ago. I have been having a blast driving it and showing it, and it’s always an attention getter!


The 57, as Jay said, is the cleanest example of the C-1’s. He didn’t mention it, but they are smaller than the 58-62’s. This makes them even sportier. I have a 60 and love the car. I really don’t understand the flat values. Everywhere I get looks and offers to buy. At car events, even surrounded by higher priced cars, I have to move the crowd away to get to the car. And, it’s a driver that I drive constantly when weather permits. I love the lines, and the interior is as nice as it gets in any car - in this regard better than the 57’s. Thanks for doing this - loved the video and Jay’s commentary.


I have owned my 63 Split Window since 1989. I love the iconic styling of that year for the new C2. However the 56 and 57 Corvette is the best looking design of anyof the corvettes. I had owned one a tuxedo black with silver concaves in the early 80’s but I flipped here. I want a 57 e-code T-Bird now.


The 56 model saved the Corvette from extinction. We all know that the 55-56 sales of the T-bird kicked Chevrolet’s but with the new revamped style of the corvette with the beautiful “frenched” back tail lights with roll up windows, and with the engineer genius of Duntov tweaking the motor with a dual quad 265 and his famous cams launched the corvette into a true sports car. The car was putting out a robust 240 h,p, in dual quad version. That was pretty impressive in 1956 out of 265 cubic inches. The 57 with it’s fuel injection coupled with a four speed and the big box, elephant eared drum brakes made the 57 a very unique car that besides it’s gorgeous styling was a formiable performer on the race track. The 283 fuelie actually produced 301 to 311 h.p. not the 283 h.p. , that was for promotional selling of the car. Great p.r. i horse per cubic inch. The 409 ran the same p.r in 61.


my brother, Robert, has owned a '57 Vette for as long as i can remember…
he bought it almost new and ran the wheels off of it, both as a daily driver,
and running it in drags…i fondly remember riding in it while he did a four wheel drift
completely around a freeway cloverleaf…
he then restored it, and now has a room full of trophies
from all the major concourse events…the car, known as “OLD BLUE”,
was featured in the National Corvette Museum when it opened, and displayed
there for several years…it is still the poster boy for that venue, with posters. coffee mugs,
and postcards for sale depicting the car…
seen on "Good Morning America and a number of automotive magazines,
it holds the National Corvette Restoration Society’s TOP FLIGHT AWARD
for originality,…
OLD BLUE has a removable hardtop, a convertible top, and a tonneau cover…
Powered by a 283 ci V8 with 270 hp, and dual 4 barrel carburetors,
and 4 speed transmission…it is Arctic Blue Metallic and Silver,
with a Venetian Red interior…


I agree with jay here, this is the loveliest corvette and that color combination is spectacular,thanks again to jay for showing this beautiful example,that was the year of my entry to this earth so 57 is special to me,ive onlyowned one corvette,a 64 ragtop that the seller asked for back after only 2 weeks,i sold it back to him in good faith,that sound of that engine is also spectacular,what a hotrod for its day and even today sounds awesome,i always enjoy jay lenos episodes,he has such a down to earth way about him and is one of those car guys you would love to spend an afternoon with just hanging out. cheers


Jay, I really enjoyed the video of the ‘57 Corvette. It is certainly my favorite C1 and much cooler looking than the new cars. But my favorites are the C2’s. I have a ‘65 and a ‘67 and would love to see you do a C2 feature. Thanks for your show!