Jerry Wiegert and the saga of the star-crossed Vector supercar


Weeks before I meet Jerry Wiegert, creator of the spectacular but star-crossed Vector W8 Twin-Turbo, we communicate via emails, snail mail, texts, phone messages, and prolonged phone conversations. So even before we get together, Wiegert has informed me that he invented the modern supercar (along with the personal watercraft, minivan, and four-wheel ATV), was put out of business by Indonesian gangsters who’d bribed members of his board of directors, packaged the deal that wrested Lamborghini away from Chrysler, and inspired the twin-turbo motor in the Ferrari F40 and the roadster version of the Lamborghini Diablo.

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Great write-up. I followed the public arc of Vector through many of the contemporaneous articles mentioned. Nice to hear that the car had more substance than the Dale or the Elio. Guy could have been a Carrol Shelby size success story. Wish Mr. Weigert success with the current project, and hope he’s still married to the C & D cover model.k


I still have the Road&Tracks about the Vectors. They are beautiful cars and very very advanced for their time. I felt bad when I would read on the magazines that the Vector company was not doing well. It was a beautiful American made supercar for that time. Let’s see since then…maybe the C8…