Jessi Combs killed in land speed record attempt

Jessica was a role model and her legacy will inspire other young people. God has further work for her.

Heartbreaking. We were so fortunate to have had her in the car community.

Very sad, she really had good talent as a fabricator and an automotive enthusiast. RIP Jessi and God Bless.

Yesterday, I learned of the horrible news of Jessi Combs perishing while attempting to beat the record of the fastest woman in a car of 512 mph set by Kitty O’Niel in 1976. Jessi piloting a 52,000 HP jet fighter turned into car when the accident occurred.

The automotive world just one of its brightest starts in the galaxy and one that burned out way too soon. Jessi has left behind a legacy of inspiration for not only women in motorsports; but society as a whole. In my limited circle, My family has watched so many shows where Jessi was co-hosting or hosting the that she was a such a familiar face, we feel like we’ve lost a very dear friend.

Your parting piece, leaving this world being the fastest woman on 4 wheels, and in my mind, to be so incredibly fortunate to check out doing something your so passionate about. I can only wish to be so fortunate when my time is come.

My heart is heavy when I say we WILL miss
• your bright and bubbly persona,
• your enthusiasm,
• your cheerful smile, and
• it goes without saying, your amazing talent.

You have left a gaping whole in the automotive / fabrication venue upon your departure. You will be missed.
To those left behind, please accept our condolences, on behalf of my family, you will be in our prayers.

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I read that the reason they were in Oregon instead of Bonneville is because the vehicle would not pass the safety inspection at Bonneville since it was just an aircraft fuselage and didn’t have a roll cage and that they had issues in testing with the parachute not opening

Live fast, die young. No disrespect but safety was not taken into consideration by the driver or crew. There was absolutely no reason attempting to break ones own land speed record. Why? For bragging rights? To satisfy ones own ego? Because one is a woman? Senseless death. R.I.P.

I was a little saddened when “All Girls Garage” didn’t open their new season without some sort of mention/dedication to her. I know that the program had been previously recorded, however they could have filmed a short tribute and inserted it at the lead-in to the show.

If it didn’t pass inspection at Boneville due to parachute issues and not having a roll cage wouldn’t that concern you? Hey guys, you know what we got away with it before, call it luck but we need to upgrade and build a better safety system, roll cage whatever before I try this again! You would think Jessi would say before trying again?

Your heart just has to go out for the loss of a very special go-fast girl who was well practiced in her craft while crossing multiple media lines with apparent ease. She was a helluva lot more than just eye-candy on Overhaulin and the guys seemed to convey that respect.
Rest easy…

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