John DeLorean once bought a 300 SL Gullwing for research


Try searching Heinz Pringham on Google—zero hits. Do it again with his Anglicized name, Henry Pringham, and you’ll find no biographical information, just a handful of fuel-injection patents from Studebaker-Packard. But for Henry’s son, Frank Pringham, there’s so much to the story, and it’s all unforgettably tied to a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing made possible by John DeLorean.

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I had a chance to completely look over and drive a DeLorean. I can sum up the car in one word - garbage. Underpowered, the interior was a hodge podge of cheap plastic parts, it was a Yugo with a stainless steel skin. No wonder the company failed. John Z. DeLorean might have been a visionary engineer, think Pontiac GTO, but he was not CEO or COO material. He fancied himself as a modern day Enzo Ferrari but was a complete failure instead.


I took the time to do extensive (hundreds of hours of) research of the DMC (corporation), the DMC car it produced, and John DeLorean the man, and I can sum it up in one phrase - huge potential not quite realized but innovative in many ways nonetheless. I suggest anyone making quicker judgements based on one drive or what they’ve heard from others keep in mind that, like the Tucker 48, there is a whole lot more to the story than 99.99% of car enthusiasts are aware. To sum things up into one word or the idea the JZD was not a good corporate manager is an extreme oversimplification of how life is and all the ways that successful companies can become so.