John Wick is classic American action, including the cars

John Wick is a myth. He’s Baba Yaga, the Boogeyman. Or rather, he’s the one you send to kill the Boogeyman. There’s something supernatural about him. He survives getting shot, beaten, suffocated, hit by a car, stabbed, thrown off a balcony. He once killed three men in a bar with a pencil. He’s Rasputin, an avenging angel, like the Old Testament God. It’s easy to forget that he’s just John when first introduced: a man mourning his wife and “sorting some stuff out,” who loves his dog and his everyman classic 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. John Wick may be a legendary hitman, but he’s still relatable.

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You may have overlooked a minor role for a Mustang driven by a well known actor that is more famous for a Trans Am which is the movie Malone. Where John Wick’s author’s may have been inspired to a small degree although the character is not put upon directly until later into the film.

I also can hardly wait for John Wick III. the action is non-stop. The cars are GREAT!! I expect the next one will also have fantastic Steel. You are correct, the cars need more air time, just don’t kill the cars, that hurt me and every other car guy.

Not that it makes a huge difference in the story, but the 70 Chevelle John Wick drove after his Mustang was stolen wasn’t an LS6 454 model, if you look closely it was a 396 Chevelle. You can actually see the SS 396 emblems on the side.

As true carnuts, we have enjoyed the John Wick movies tremendously (actually on a par with Ronin, except that Robert DeNiro is a complete jerk and Keanu Reeves is a true action figure/gentleman). Hope the series continues with several more!!!

my brother ordered a 69 boss. it came with a front spoiler from factory. he still has it. thanks.

It is a 1969 mustang in John wick, indicated by the rear tail lights,side scoops, and side dabging. If they were trying to make a BOSS 429 they really didn’t do any research, plus the hood scoop is way to small for a BOSS 429. That said I would still take the movie car.

While the Russian kid in the gas station says John’s car is a 429, I have to question that since I have a 1969 351 Mach 1 and if you look at the hood scope, that is a 351 hood scope. They may have removed the badges from the car, but that does not make it a 429 and you don’t see the engine to verify. The 429 hood scope was much wider and higher. See the grill in the John’s scope. That is what is in a 351 scope. The 429 is open. Again, I have to question the authenticity of the 429 statement. I love that they used a 1969 Mustang since I am a big Mustang fan and owner of one, but I always have issues when they misrepresent a car.

The hood scoop is definitely not a Boss 429 scoop. The big Boss had a wide, flat scoop sort of like the Cougar Eliminators. That one is the standard (optional) non functional scoop with the built in turn signals that was available on all other Mustangs in '69 for a modest sum. Being the owner of two '69 Mustangs, a convertible and a SportsRoof, I smiled when the leadoff photo of the Wick car seemed to feature the misaligned hood trim. Ask me how hard that is to get aligned with the grille surround. That car is either a standard SportsRoof or a Mach 1.

The hero car Mustang in the movie has decals that say Boss 429, but clearly it is not a Boss 429. The owner of two of the cars used in the movie(the camera car, and stunt car #2) indicated in an interview that the hero car is a modified 390 car. The camera car started out as a yellow M-code Mach 1. and stunt car #2 was a red M-code Mach 1. But, I cannot find any info on whether or not the hero car is also a legit Mach 1.