Josh’s 1972 AMC Javelin has got it goin’ on


This 1972 AMC Javelin SST was a fixture of Josh Gold’s childhood. His best friend’s mom took great pleasure in driving her kids around in the rolling monument to 1970s American excess that the AMC represented. Josh thus spent countless hours in the backseat shuttling to baseball games, movie theaters, and between houses as the 401-cubic-inch V-8 rumbled up front. Even then, the Javelin was the coolest thing he’d ever seen.

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Bought a 72 AMX new, 390, super T10, competition steering. Drove it for 14 years and smiled almost every time. Probably saved me as many times as it tried to kill me. Got my future wife to notice me. Sure wish I could take it for a run again!


Josh, nice job on your AMC Javelin project. It came out beautiful from what I can see. I just recently saw a whole slew of these cars in Western New York State in some car persons private lot. Wonder if they were for sale. probably not, but one can always dream.


My wife and I had a '73 Javelin with a 360, dual exhaust, 4 speed, a post rear end and factory Magnum 500 wheels. It had AC, PS, PB and a factory 8 track player. This was in 1976. Fun to drive but bad on gas. I wish I still had it.


My first car was a 1968 Javelin 290 SST; and from day one, I knew it was not going to be my last Javelin. In 1973, the black beast AMX - 401 with black vinyl roof, large gold hood stripe with all the equipment you could think of was sitting in McDowel Motors in Toronto with its mags and I could not resist. Nearly $6000.00 for this brand new hot rod in my view was no problem for this 21 yr old kid . Within two yrs I had nearly $11K into it and IT was just ONE OF THE BEST SET OF WHEELS I HAVE EVER SEEN AND OWNED. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ANOTHER AND I DO HOPE TO FIND IT


Josh, I totally get it! I love your car, and especially the reason you bought, restored and drive it. Like you, I restored a vintage VW Bus and drive it whenever I need a large vehicle to carry my artwork in. It’s probably a bit too perfect for everyday use, but it is very dependable and is a very conspicuous vehicle anywhere I go. I’ll be sure to look for your AMC Javelin whenever I’m on the road in your area. Happy driving!


Ah yes, kudos but you can tell it’s an AMC because NOTHING fits ! The chrome trim the trunk lid, etc. But, ya gotta love it.


Nice car Josh. I share your view that cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed, and that you should drive what makes you happy. Sometimes we can’t do that for financial reasons, sure. Several years ago I made that conscious decision to drive what made me happy and to heck with what people thought. For a petrol head, that’s what we derive our enjoyment from in addition to working on them. God didn’t make cars purely for transportation reason!


Bought new a base 1970 Javelin,304 2 barrel,3 speed stick,peg leg 3:15 rear.
Only new car I ever bought.Put on headers,Holley 500cfm 2 barrel,ran 14.5 in 1/4 mile.Got rid of it a year later to get married.Should have kept the car,ended up getting rid of the wife!


Way to go Josh.
Our family owned an AMC dealership and I restore strictly AMC’s. To the fit and fish comment, hate to say it but it can be as perfect as the restorer cares to make it, no different than any other car.


Great story,Josh! Yours is a very rare Javelin SST if it came with that 401 torque monster. Around 100 made.
I love mine!


I had a a Caravelle Blue 1968 Javelin SST 390 4 speed 3:54 Twin Grip - one of the first Javelins so equipped. Ran 13.9 pure stock. Several modifications later was turning 11.8 and still steerable. Sold it to buy my wife’s engagement ring. Now, 46 years later, same wife, and I am building a '69 into a resto mod. 401, GM 4L60 automatic, love AMC.!! That is my original car pictured on the from of the '69.Jav2|666x500


@sftamx1 - Now that’s a paint scheme! Love the color combo and the contrasting stripe on the roof.


A few months ago there was a purplish mauve 2nd gen AMX 401 in Hemmings, original owner, I think it was a 4-speed. Nice black stripe across the hood, but I can’t buy them all, I sure wish I could buy a Javelin. I never owned one even though I had a few various Ramblers over the years. There’s always room for one more in my garage, just no room in my checkbook


I purchased a new '72 Javelin SST 360 when I was sixteen with the same Electric Blue colors as the one I own today. Loved every minute i owned her.
This my '71 is a 401 Dual Snorkel A/T P/S P/B AC car.
I call her my time machine.
Because every time I drive her I fell like am 16 again!