Just like the GTO, the Plymouth Road Runner spawned a host of imitators


The 1968 Plymouth Road Runner wasn’t just an amusing way to get into a performance car—it was the most significant high-performance American vehicle since the 1964 Pontiac GTO shook up the cognoscenti. By the time Plymouth introduced the 1967 GTX, it (like others) had followed the GTO’s lead with high-line models stuffed with horsepower. Kids who were bagging groceries and wanted a piece of the action were being ignored by the market.

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I have a simple question, where’s the Road Runner? You show its competition, BUT, you don’t show the leader.
They were a great car, at the time a cheap hot rod. I had several years and different versions of.


So, Diego, are you a Ford-o-phile or what? Regarding the 1969 Torino, you state that “… the Cobra cost a little more than the Plymouth but also ran rings around the 383.” Hmmmm, the RR 383 vs. the Cobra 428. Both had 0-60 times of 7.1 sec and both were 15 sec 1/4 mile cars. Please, do tell us how the Cobra “ran rings” around the Plymouth and/or what your definition of that term is. Also, pretty lame to not include a pic of the car that you’re comparing all the rest to.


I realize this article is about inexpensive muscle alternatives to the Road Runner but as a street racer back in the late '60s ('65 GTO) and for the past twenty five years the owner of a muscle car dealership; I have yet to see a 383 that was genuinely fast. 440s run well; 340s too; In fact, I’ve never had a doggy 440 or 340 but after having 40-50 383 Mopars, from factory stock to heavily modified; they simply are not quick. Back in the day, my 389 tripower GTO was never beat by one and 383 RRs & S.Bees made more than a few of my car payments. My brother street raced his '66 tripower 442 and he had the same results. BTW, 428 Fords aren’t that hot either but they did not have wings, call-outs, stripes, high impact colors, large scoops, & a major media campaign touting speed. 383 Road Runners & Super Bees are posers that don’t live up to their reputation.
ps. For real hold-onto-your-shorts power (12-13 second 1/4s, 5 sec 0-60) try a 426 Hemi, LS6 Chevelle, L88/89 Corvette, RA IV GTO, 440-6 E-Body - fitted with Drag Radials.


Too bad U and I didn’t pull up next to each other when I had my 69 “383” Runner,it would turn 11.89 -12.05 all day long.the only GTO that ever beat me was a 69 ram air IV and that was by a fender.Just Sayin’



I can’t imagine why you think I’m into Fords when the article is about Brand X responses to the Road Runner.

If you think a CJ is a 15-second car, I think it’s clear that you’re not a Ford-o-phile.



The article is not about the performance of the Road Runner or its contemporaries. That being said, Ford was one of the first companies to come out with bright colors (Vermilion/Calypso Coral in 1968). Plenty of call-outs, stripes, scoops, and major media campaign (remember “Total Performance”?) on Ford products.