Kept the car and the girl continued

To continue, (accidently hit the “create topic” button) in the summer of '64 I put a light yellow paint job on it, chrome reverse wheels on the front with some fresh rubber and cheater slicks on the rear. Though my daily ride was a '55 Chev, I drove the coupe often. It got a lot of attention Friday nights at the local Dick’s Drive In where on more than one occasion I would get an escort for a few blocks as I left the parking area from the boys in blue. Maybe it was because I lit the tires up a bit…? They would often have a squad car around the corner anticipating the occasional altercation as rival schools would meet to discuss the outcome of that night’s football game.

In June of '65, I married that girl (smart move!) and we are married today. I also kept the car - moving it more times than I like to recall - from one garage to another- sometimes outdoors under a tarp - until I received a draft notice in December of '65. The car then needed storage for a couple of years. My older brother was kind enough to store it in his garage (with the condition that he could drive it) while I was in the Army. When my hitch with the Army was over I had plans for the coupe but married life along with kids, school, jobs, etc took priority. So the coupe got set aside with it being shuffled around some more. The last time it was licensed was '69. Somewhere around '75, just after I had bought a business I put the coupe back in a corner of the warehouse under a blue tarp where it remained until 2015. I have the car today, albeit much different than when it was under the blue tarp. The photo is of the coupe in my brothers driveway circa 1966. Since I can only include one photo, a current photo will have to be at a later date - perhaps with what Paul Harvey called “The rest of the story”…