Know Your Designers: Giorgetto Giugiaro


Born: Garessio, Italy (near Turin) August 07, 1938

Early Plans: To be a painter, like his father Mario Giugiaro. Studied under a famous local cartoonist, Eugenio Colmo, known as Golia.

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Mr. Giugiaro is indeed a great artist.Another in a line of fantastic auto designers from the people of Italy.My opinion is when it comes to beautiful cars all others can put their pens away.


He was one of the most influential designers that’s for sure. But the article says he designed the MK1 Golf, however if memory serves he was commissioned to design the other sibling in the fleet the Scirocco, and the Rabbit…albeit the Scirocco had a more agile styling (IMO) then the Golf/Rabbit’s more boxy shaped roof line. VW however if memory also serves didn’t have him or his company involved in the MKII Scirocco. Those cars were the benchmark for many hot hatches to come.


The Rabbit (US) and Mk1 gold are the same car.


No mention of the Eagle Premier (one of which my mother bought new in 1987) or it’s badge-engineered sibling, the 90’s Dodge Monaco (my brother bought a used 1991 in 1995)?