L.A.’s African-American-born mid-engine car that never was


Did you know that Muhammad Ali’s official photographer once tried to built a mass-market mid-engine city car? Completed in 1969, the Corwin Getaway never made it to production, but the original prototype is in the collection of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The museum is hoping to raise money to restore the Getaway, a historically significant piece of African-American car culture which predated the mid-engine Fiat X-1/9 and Pontiac Fiero that would follow.

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The front end is different from the original photos. Has the car been wrecked?


Wow…identity culture arrives in car collecting.
And while a lot of money to me, guessing the Petersen Museum probably spends $32k a month on light bulbs and feather dusters. Assuming they’re heavily endowed, since they spent almost $100,000,000 3 years ago for a renovation. Seems funny they would start a fundraising campaign for this.