Last True Bentley - Bentley Continental S3


Automotive gatekeepers are many, and they are equally uncompromising. Some might point to the production of the Last True Bentley as 1997, when the brand finally split from Rolls-Royce and fell to the plundering Germans at Volkswagen. (Rolls-Royce, snapped up by BMW, also fared better than the rest of the British motoring industry.) Others opine that the Last True Bentley was built before Rolls-Royce took over the company in the midst of the Great Depression, proving that even the Bentley Boys—the gentleman racers who, behind the wheels of mighty Blower Bentleys, took on trains and Le Mans alike—weren’t immune to misfortune. Maybe this mythical Last Bentley departed with founder W.O. (Walter Owen) himself, a fount of pipe-smoking engineering genius, after he got sick of his new corporate overlords and left to roam the British automotive landscape unfettered. You get the idea.

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